Isis was adopted from the Tri-County Humane Society, an animal shelter where I briefly volunteered when I was in college. Isis was brought into the shelter after being nursed back to health as a kitten by a local vet, who’s son had found Isis on a small, local airport runway. We decided that “Runway” just didn’t fit her as a name, and luckily 6 months wasn’t so old that she couldn’t learn a new name. Instead, we named her Isis in honor of Catwoman’s pet cat in the cartoon we both watched as children.

Much to my dismay after adopting her, we realized that Isis absolutely hates other cats. I personally found this heartbreaking, because I’ve almost always had more than cat at a time. Zach on the other hand, couldn’t have been happier. Why yes, he does have some minor kitty allergies, and still let me adopt her. This small detail became really important a few years later though.

Ms. Isis

Once we moved to Colorado, Isis realized the joy of snoozing on the balcony far outweighs peering through a closed window. Since we don’t live on the ground floor, she’s protected from falling off the balcony by netting, which keeps her safe, and all of us happy. The thing that really keeps her entertained now though, is Diggs. His first night here, she was a little hesitant, but quickly warmed up to him. This was a wonderful surprise since Isis hates other cats, but can apparently get along with dogs who don’t want to eat her. Now they play together daily, and even occasionally snooze nearby one another. Isis holds her own, despite the significant size difference between the two, and often will instigate their playtime together.

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