Wordless Wednesday

Following up on last week’s post about Isis

Isis in the Tub
She was surprised I found her hiding spot under the umbrella!

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Our Sunny Sunday

Yesterday, the weather in Denver was gorgeous. Diggs and I decided to take a quick jaunt down to a local park with a lake to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. Fair warning, lots of pictures in this one.

20140119_094342Once we got to a more empty part of the path, Diggs got to go off leash. As you can see, he really enjoyed being able to wander on his own. This was about the edge of my comfort zone though, but he was a good sport about coming back.

20140119_094411There were lots of things to sniff between the sidewalk and lake, he barely lifted his head up the whole time.

20140119_094415Something in this bush was super fascinating. Who knows what it was?

20140119_094430A duck, a duck! Actually, a pair of ducks who caught his attention.

20140119_094434Until something else made a splash near the shore.

20140119_094518But he had fun exploring the dock. This is especially impressive considering his initial fear of water. We came to this park 14 months ago, and he wouldn’t go out onto this dock. Hurray for improvements!

20140119_094520More sniffing…

20140119_094529And more sniffing…

20140119_095257And more sniffing. Are you seeing at theme yet?

20140119_095512There was a ball out on the ice. See the red dot?

20140119_095546Diggs was debating whether or not he could get to it. The leash was my answer, a big “no”.20140119_095550

But a dog can dream, right?

20140119_095555Especially when he sees that the geese can walk on the ice.

20140119_095620But the geese weren’t nearly as interesting as another dog coming our way. See the ear swivel? That’s the Diggs version of full attention.

20140119_095942And that was our walk around the park. Hello, pretty weather!

Edited- I was so excited to hit “publish” that I forgot to ask how everyone else’s weekend went? Did you and your four legged family get to do anything fun?

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The Secret Life of Isis

I realize that I write and post about Diggs, both here and on Facebook, far more often than I do about Isis. This is due in part to her being a cat, who is happy to do cat things all by herself, and partly because she’s keeps weird hours. Let’s be honest, her most interesting activities happen when I am practically unconscious, thus, I don’t always know what she’s been up to. So, you might be asking yourself, “How does Isis occupy her time?”.  Allow me to share 🙂

Isis spends a lot of her time hiding behind things and under things, debating whether or not to pounce on unsuspecting feet.

20130122_225200She also spends a HUGE amount of time sleeping, at least the way I see it. Luckily, sometimes that sleeping pulls double duty as cuddling, and she decides to hang out with me.20140111_133119When the weather is nice enough, she loves to spend time out on the balcony.

IMAG0086 IMAG0307We do have wildlife netting on the balcony to make sure she doesn’t fall off…

20130805_102534… but she does like to lean really far out to look at the world sometimes.

Occasionally, Isis will watch tv with us. On the left side, she’s watching Happy Feet and on the right side she’s watching a video (don’t ask me which one).

Isis watching tv And she also absolutely loves plastic bags. She plays in them, she sleeps on them, she hides her toys under them and then pretends she can’t find them. A very cheap form of entertainment that she adores. Her favorite kind are the HUGE ones from Kohls. You would think it was Christmas if we leave one of those on the floor for her.

20130430_222454What makes your cat (or dog) unique? How do they spend their free time?

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 1.8.2014Diggs likes to keep an eye on the parking lot below our apartment, even from three stories up. And yes, that is his futon.

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The Joy of Bringing Up Bella

I mentioned before that we were paired with Leslie and Bella from Bringing Up Bella for the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange this year, and I’m excited to share my “present” for them with everyone.


If you’re not familiar, Bella is a beautiful pup with two of the most patient owners in the world. Bella struggles with some fear and reactivity issues (sounds like Diggs, huh?) but Leslie’s writing about these tough topics is so heartfelt and honest you can’t help but be pulled into their story. Bella is smart as a cookie when she tackles problems and shows her own unique signature of love (aka sneaking in for cuddles in the middle of the night). She also enjoys tackling agility courses indoors and out and sniffing through the grass and snow… even if whatever she smells is very, very buried.

Photo from Bringing Up Bella

I’ve compiled a Pinterest Board of some of my favorite posts to share with you all. If you haven’t had a chance to wander through the older posts, take a look and see for yourself how much progress Bella has made over the years thanks to Leslie and Jan’s hard work. I just know you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. If you have an extra minute, be sure to stop by their Facebook page and give it a like as well.

Photo from Bringing Up Bella (Facebook)

Thanks for helping introduce us to our first Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange, Bella. You’re a wonderful four-legged friend to learn more about and it’s been a joy to find a kindred spirit in Leslie as we jump into the blogging world.

For a complete list of the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange, check out the link list here.

I apologize for the delays and technical difficulties I’ve been dealing with for the past two weeks with WordPress. Their technical staff took the holidays off, so I’ve been struggling to sort out what the problem was by myself. Fingers crossed, I think it’s all better now.

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

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Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

We’re wrapping up another freezing cold day in Colorado, with more cold days ahead. Luckily though, there are some things to help keep us warm and happy.

Things like the wonderful pet blogging community. I started this blog less than two months ago, and while I still have a lot to learn about the whole blogging adventure, the best part so far has been the warm reception I’ve received from other pet bloggers. The joy of the internet is that I can reach out to other bloggers who I admire, and they’re friendly enough to say “hello” back to me.

With that, I can’t tell you all how excited  I am to participate in my first Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange!

The Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange is organized by Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes and Pup Fan of I Still Want More Puppies, and provides an opportunity for pet bloggers to be partnered together to support one another. A highly valued gift if you ask me.

You’ll never guess who Pamela partnered me with… Bringing Up Bella! I have to confess, I’ve been an avid reader of Bringing Up Bella for some time now. Bella is a beautiful Sato, rescued from Puerto Rico, and the blog describes her activities. If you’re not familiar with Satos, Bella’s owners describe her as being very similar to an ACD/Basenji mix. Which is perfect, because that’s what we think Diggs is! I can’t wait to get to know them a little better over the next month, and share some of my favorite parts of Bringing Up Bella with you!

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