Adoptables: Strawberry-Blonde Collie Mix

One of my friends has recently stepped into the world of fostering, and I’m so proud of her for filling a desperately needed void. A little over a month ago, Brit arrived in Denver as part of a transport via Rez Dawg Rescue. Before I go any further, let me show you how beautiful this young lady is…

Alba 2

See, she’s a gorgeous strawberry blonde. Who happens to be looking for a family to love and call her own.  

Brit has a wonderful personality, super soft fur, and expressive eyes and ears. Even better, she’s adjusting to life in a home faster than expected, mastering potty training in only a week. She’s also making great progress on basic commands like “sit” and her leash manners. Even though Brit came from the streets of New Mexico, she’s very people oriented and is gaining confidence meeting new dogs while out and about.

Alba 1

“Sit” is super easy for such a bright pup.

Brit is perfectly sized at roughly 30 pounds, and although she’s gaining some much needed weight, it’s unlikely she’ll ever be a big girl. And with those perfect floppy ears, she’s irresistible!

If you’d like to learn more about Brit, feel free to check out her adoption listing over at AdoptaPet. She’s a gorgeous pup with a wonderful personality, who would love to find her fur-ever home soon.

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1 Response to Adoptables: Strawberry-Blonde Collie Mix

  1. She’s so cute! I really like Rez Dawg Rescue and have been tempted by many of their dogs.

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