Our Sunny Sunday

Yesterday, the weather in Denver was gorgeous. Diggs and I decided to take a quick jaunt down to a local park with a lake to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. Fair warning, lots of pictures in this one.

20140119_094342Once we got to a more empty part of the path, Diggs got to go off leash. As you can see, he really enjoyed being able to wander on his own. This was about the edge of my comfort zone though, but he was a good sport about coming back.

20140119_094411There were lots of things to sniff between the sidewalk and lake, he barely lifted his head up the whole time.

20140119_094415Something in this bush was super fascinating. Who knows what it was?

20140119_094430A duck, a duck! Actually, a pair of ducks who caught his attention.

20140119_094434Until something else made a splash near the shore.

20140119_094518But he had fun exploring the dock. This is especially impressive considering his initial fear of water. We came to this park 14 months ago, and he wouldn’t go out onto this dock. Hurray for improvements!

20140119_094520More sniffing…

20140119_094529And more sniffing…

20140119_095257And more sniffing. Are you seeing at theme yet?

20140119_095512There was a ball out on the ice. See the red dot?

20140119_095546Diggs was debating whether or not he could get to it. The leash was my answer, a big “no”.20140119_095550

But a dog can dream, right?

20140119_095555Especially when he sees that the geese can walk on the ice.

20140119_095620But the geese weren’t nearly as interesting as another dog coming our way. See the ear swivel? That’s the Diggs version of full attention.

20140119_095942And that was our walk around the park. Hello, pretty weather!

Edited- I was so excited to hit “publish” that I forgot to ask how everyone else’s weekend went? Did you and your four legged family get to do anything fun?

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6 Responses to Our Sunny Sunday

  1. Rottrover says:

    What a beautiful walk, Diggs! We got to walk, too. It was great!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  2. Diggs is such a good looking guy! I love the little white strip on the back of his neck.

  3. Jacobi says:

    Oooh, what a great place to go walking and sniffing! Can I come?


  4. Miranda says:

    Diggs is adorable!

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