The Secret Life of Isis

I realize that I write and post about Diggs, both here and on Facebook, far more often than I do about Isis. This is due in part to her being a cat, who is happy to do cat things all by herself, and partly because she’s keeps weird hours. Let’s be honest, her most interesting activities happen when I am practically unconscious, thus, I don’t always know what she’s been up to. So, you might be asking yourself, “How does Isis occupy her time?”.  Allow me to share 🙂

Isis spends a lot of her time hiding behind things and under things, debating whether or not to pounce on unsuspecting feet.

20130122_225200She also spends a HUGE amount of time sleeping, at least the way I see it. Luckily, sometimes that sleeping pulls double duty as cuddling, and she decides to hang out with me.20140111_133119When the weather is nice enough, she loves to spend time out on the balcony.

IMAG0086 IMAG0307We do have wildlife netting on the balcony to make sure she doesn’t fall off…

20130805_102534… but she does like to lean really far out to look at the world sometimes.

Occasionally, Isis will watch tv with us. On the left side, she’s watching Happy Feet and on the right side she’s watching a video (don’t ask me which one).

Isis watching tv And she also absolutely loves plastic bags. She plays in them, she sleeps on them, she hides her toys under them and then pretends she can’t find them. A very cheap form of entertainment that she adores. Her favorite kind are the HUGE ones from Kohls. You would think it was Christmas if we leave one of those on the floor for her.

20130430_222454What makes your cat (or dog) unique? How do they spend their free time?

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3 Responses to The Secret Life of Isis

  1. Hi there! I found my way here from ‘Bringing Up Bella,” and see that you’re a fellow Denver dog blogger! I also have a cat and a recently adopted dog. I look forward to following along with Diggs and Isis!

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