The Joy of Bringing Up Bella

I mentioned before that we were paired with Leslie and Bella from Bringing Up Bella for the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange this year, and I’m excited to share my “present” for them with everyone.

If you’re not familiar, Bella is a beautiful pup with two of the most patient owners in the world. Bella struggles with some fear and reactivity issues (sounds like Diggs, huh?) but Leslie’s writing about these tough topics is so heartfelt and honest you can’t help but be pulled into their story. Bella is smart as a cookie when she tackles problems and shows her own unique signature of love (aka sneaking in for cuddles in the middle of the night). She also enjoys tackling agility courses indoors and out and sniffing through the grass and snow… even if whatever she smells is very, very buried.

Photo from Bringing Up Bella

I’ve compiled a Pinterest Board of some of my favorite posts to share with you all. If you haven’t had a chance to wander through the older posts, take a look and see for yourself how much progress Bella has made over the years thanks to Leslie and Jan’s hard work. I just know you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. If you have an extra minute, be sure to stop by their Facebook page and give it a like as well.

Photo from Bringing Up Bella (Facebook)

Thanks for helping introduce us to our first Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange, Bella. You’re a wonderful four-legged friend to learn more about and it’s been a joy to find a kindred spirit in Leslie as we jump into the blogging world.

For a complete list of the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange, check out the link list here.

I apologize for the delays and technical difficulties I’ve been dealing with for the past two weeks with WordPress. Their technical staff took the holidays off, so I’ve been struggling to sort out what the problem was by myself. Fingers crossed, I think it’s all better now.

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7 Responses to The Joy of Bringing Up Bella

  1. Sorry you’ve been struggling in WordPress hell. Hope the problems are behind you.

    Despite all that, thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful post about Leslie and Bringing Up Bella. I also find her story inspiring and full of hope.

    And those FB pics you chose are adorable.

    Thanks so much for your gift in the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange. I’m sure Leslie will be thrilled.

    • Pamela, I can’t thank you enough for organizing all of this. It’s been a really fun way to join the community and get to know some more people. And now I get to follow what’s happening with Honey 🙂

  2. Leslie says:

    Oh thank you. I’m just getting caught up on things around Blogville and only saw this now. You are very kind and diplomatic talking about our crazy dog. 😉

    We have found several friends though the blogging of our scared-y dog. That has been one of the highlights of this whole blog thing and it is always nice to meet folks of a kindred spirit. We’re so glad we had the opportunity to get to you know and your “four legged family” better this holiday season. (Thank you, Pamela, for making the match!) 🙂

    Oh, and we’re glad you’re back – we were beginning to worry. Glad it was only technical issues keeping you away.

    • Not a problem at all, you and your “crazy” dog have been great buddies for our first adventure into blogland. Reading about other scared-y dogs has been incredibly useful to me as we work to make Diggs happier, so many other ideas and conversations that I haven’t been able to have with a lot of other dog owners in real life. How do you explain to someone with a “normal” dog that the plastic grocery bag is fine tied on a leash for picking up poo, but that you can’t have it in your hand when you actually put a leash onto his collar because it crinkles near his face? The crinkling near his face will inevitably make Diggs back up and side step until he bumps the shelf near the door and knocks the little wooden rocking horse, which freaks him out further. You just can’t, which is why I love blogland.

      And yes, I had some choice words when WordPress kept eating my heartfelt writing and posting blank posts instead. Not incredibly helpful =D

  3. Maggie says:

    I absolutely love her blog! This is such a nice testament to Leslie and Bella! Creating a Pinterest board was a really clever idea for the exchange. I’m a total addict, so I love any excuse to poke around some more!

    • Thanks, Maggie! Pinterest and I spend a lot of time together, so I enjoyed making it. And yes, Leslie and Bella are one of my favorite blogs to follow too. I was so excited to be paired with them for this year.

  4. Pup Fan says:

    That Pinterest board is a really cool gift! I love Leslie – she’s a truly wonderful person. And Bella… I melt every single time I see that adorable face.

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