Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 12.4.13So I’ll never be an action photographer with my cell phone, but I couldn’t resist sharing the snow on Diggs’ head and ears during our -10 below zero weather. Isn’t he handsome?

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12 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. ohmydogblog says:

    He IS handsome, but that is cold. Holy moly. When it’s that cold, Emmett flat out refuses to go outside!

  2. He really is a beauty. I love the blue accessories on him. And the snow, too. Sorry it’s accompanied by such frigid temps.

    • Thank you! He has a few pieces in other colors, but I always come back to blue. I’m sure that shows how creative I am in most things, including my own outfits. Hopefully the frigid temps will go away soon, that’s usually how it works around here. He normally loves playing in the snow, just not when it’s painfully cold out.

  3. KB says:

    I live in the mountains above Denver and it’s supposed to go to -18 tonight!

    I see Diggs’ boots. Those Ruffwears are our favorite too! Diggs is super handsome!

    • That sounds terrible! Hopefully your guys are keeping their outside time short and sweet in the super cold weather, especially when the wind really kicks up.

      And yes, he has his Ruffwears on! They were a gift from a friend’s mom, and have been a lifesaver for us. Confession: Diggs hates them. He does this funny wide-legged, high kicking trot when he’s on pavement, but I think he understands them a little better in the snow/grass. Do you have the actual “winter” pair with the higher sock part? We’ve been looking at investing in a pair since he gets snow into these sometimes, but all the dog boots on the market are super expensive.

  4. Serena says:

    So beautiful! Being in Sydney I get so jealous of people with snow, but then realise we probably couldn’t handle the cold! 🙂
    Glad to see his foot is doing better too.

    • Thank you! I’m hoping to post some pictures of him playing in the snow once it warms up a little bit. Those are my favorite! I bet Soda would look pretty smart in a coat and booties too, but I bet she’s gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing.

      His foot doesn’t seem to be bothering him much right now, but we’ll take off his bandages for the first time in a few hours and be able to know more about how it’s doing.

  5. 2 Punk Dogs says:

    Diggs & Isis are gorgeous! We just came over from Bringing Up Bella, they’re awesome. 🙂
    Sorry to hear about Diggs’s poor claw, hopefully it will grow back soon. Doesn’t look like it’s bothering him in the pictures!

    • Thank you! I’m surprised at how little he seems to be bothered by it, he even played a little bit with Isis today.

      Maggie looks like she could be a long lost cousin of Diggs, her coloring is beautiful. Duke is pretty handsome as well. Do they get lots of “hellos” while you’re out on walks?

  6. Kristine says:

    Handsome doesn’t cut it!

    I love the little boots. I have been wondering if I should invest in some for my dog as it is freezing in our new city this time of year. Did you have trouble getting him accustomed to the footwear?

    • I won’t say he was happy about the boots the first time we put them on him, but we’ve managed. We started out with one boot, lots of cheese (a super special treat for him) and very short time periods of wearing them. We slowly built from there, but the very cold weather accelerated the whole process more than I would have liked. Strangely enough, he just seems to accept that the boots are going on, and doesn’t put up too big of a fuss. It’s unusually submissive behavior for him, which makes me feel that much worse about the situation. But given how cold it’ll be in your neck of the woods, it might be worth a try with Shiva?

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