I do not like the cone of shame…

Diggs was so happy to see us after we returned from Thanksgiving, but sadly, he’s not so happy anymore. Meet Diggs, aka The Conehead, resting on his comforter “bed” in the living room.

20131201_111420Why is he in a cone, you might be asking? We boarded Diggs over Thanksgiving so he wouldn’t be stressed traveling in the car and meeting 50+ relatives in a new place. He loves boarding at his doggie daycare, because he gets to play ALL.DAY.LONG. Somewhere in those 4.5 days though, his dew claw nail was broken. How broken?

20131201_123435Pretty darn broken, in my opinion. I don’t think it’s bad enough to warrant an e-vet, otherwise we would have been there last night. In the meantime, we cleaned it with anti-septic spray and have it wrapped in gauze so he won’t catch it on anything. With any luck, the vet can see him first thing in the morning and it’s nothing more serious than that.

I’ll be honest, I’m beyond crabby right now. I’m not sure when his nail broken, but it wasn’t fresh yesterday when we picked him up. I understand little bumps and bruises happen at daycare all the time, but this seems excessive to not have been noticed by any of the employees while he was in their care. Tomorrow I’ll be chatting with the owner to try to find out what happened.  Hopefully they’ll be able to tell me where his rabies tag is too, because, oh yeah, that’s missing from his collar. Pretty impressive since they take his collar off while he’s there.

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4 Responses to I do not like the cone of shame…

  1. Ouch, poor Diggs. I hope the broken claw doesn’t bother him too long.

    I’ve never used daycare for any of my dogs. I’ve always felt better having them at home with a petsitter. Of course, there’s no guarantee that accident won’t happen. Even when we’re home. 🙂

    • I know, boarding isn’t my favorite option either, but I’ve always been really happy with their services in the past. This was just a fluke, which yes, could have happened anywhere. I’m just concerned that if it happened on their watch, that they didn’t catch it. We might be looking more seriously at a petsitter moving forward though, I don’t know if my heart can handle another incident like this one.

  2. Leslie says:

    Poor Diggs – that looks like it hurts. Was there any blood on his foot? If that’s the case, then shame on the boarding facility for not noticing. However, Bella breaks her nails all the time and the only way I find out is when I get stabbed by a sharp bit of one. If it doesn’t bleed, she doesn’t notice.

    Hope he’s feeling better by now.

    • There wasn’t any blood on his foot, but he might have licked it off if it happened several days ago. Who knows at this point? The good news is he’s feeling much better today, he’s been alert and investigating the Isis’ antics as she terrorizes the carpets.

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