Vroom! Another week flew by…

This past week has been a flurry of hustle and bustle, and I’m not sure next week will slow down much around here. I suppose it seems unfair to start a blog and then immediately be too busy to post, but I’m working out the kinks, I promise.

So, in the past week, we’ve seen the weather change from a beautiful fall (seen below) to snow and back again. Isn’t Diggs handsome?

Diggs Oct. 16, 2013We’ve also been lucky to gain (obtain? earn?) a free gift from Maggie over at ohmydogblog.com. She’ll be sending a treat triad for Diggs to test out, part of her big pet stuff organization effort. While I admire her results, the closest I’ve come so far is giving Diggs formalized cookie jars by the front door and in the kitchen. Either way, I’ll be sure to share Diggs’ investigation of his new puzzle toy once it arrives. I’m pretty exciting to see how long it takes Mr. Brainiac to solve it, but sometimes he surprises me.

A little bit of good news from this morning, we turned on the heat. You might think to yourself, “Why is that good news?”. Or more sensibly, “Why hasn’t it been on before now?”. Both are very valid questions considering how cold it’s been, but the exciting part is that Diggs didn’t care when the heat came on. Last year he was very stressed, every single time the heat came on. He’d jump up from a dead sleep and whimper before settling back down. This morning, not a care. I consider this a great success. Diggs overcoming fears: +1

Agility training was a success on Saturday, with Diggs making great progress in sequencing various pieces of equipment. We did 30 second mini-trials, where we tried to earn as many points as possible in only 30 seconds. The takeaway from that exercise was that I’m really out of shape to be running alongside him in agility class. Either we need better communication so I can stay in one spot and guide him through the course, or I need to step up my end of the game. Maybe both? Either way, his progress has been wonderful.

And on a final note, I’m officially an aunt now. My sister gave birth to a baby boy last week, and both are happy and healthy and back at home now.

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