Warning: Entering the Fur Zone!

Welcome to “Our Four Legged Family”, a blog where I’ll be sharing the mini adventures of our crazy family. The two stars of the show will be Diggs and Isis, but occasionally these adventures will focus on the human half of the family, Zach or myself.

Mr. DiggsThe ever-so-handsome Diggs

Ms. Isis

The aloof, but playful, Isis

Our floor is covered in pet toys, and our pockets smell like pet treats more often than not, but we love it, and wouldn’t change a thing. Welcome to the fur zone!

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1 Response to Warning: Entering the Fur Zone!

  1. I’ve seen really mean Chows and other breads that can be trained (or not trained; merely neglected or trained incorrectly) that are really mean. Spits seem to be fiercely loyal to their owners, but attack outsiders no matter how often they see them.

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